Dear Me

This is an experiment, both structurally, and content-wise. I don't think I have ever been this colloquial in any of my pieces. Preferring life over death, or death over life depends all too much on circumstance. A melancholic soul who hates being alive won't necessarily remain that way, and I happen to think that it's [...]

Slow Poison and Hellfire

Anger is the farthest thing from positive emotion, and people tend to see its power of destruction mostly in relation to the outside world. But it does a number on the person too. Anger, in fact, is most noxious towards the one who originated it; especially when such a person tries to keep it from [...]

Heavy Is The Head

Personally, I have never understood why power attracts people. Maybe it's because of my obsession with minimalism, and when you have power or when you're a King, your palace is full of maximalist-ish things. Or maybe it's because I like the way my father makes my coffee, and it would feel wrong if someone else [...]

The World Would Be Monochrome

Faces are interesting. There are hundreds of them on a person. Anyone who is well practiced in the art of mingling knows this. Faces are interesting; but they never tell the truth. They whisper in his ear, Regrets, desires and secrets They don’t want anyone else to know. One would be surprised to learn How [...]